Sydney Airport Bay 1A has been designed to cater for the new Boeing 737 Dreamliner.

Working in a live, operational environment is always a challenge. Added to this was a very difficult site, a tight programme and the management of a significant number of specialist sub-consultants.

Central to the design was the construction of the apron on an existing, open sedimentation basin. Complex compacting methods were required for the fill materials and any mistakes would lead to the whole bay sinking.

Using our project management skills, we determined the most suitable specialist pavement engineers to collaborate with and provide the right, quality advice to the client in a timely manner

The original design idea was a bridge structure over the existing basin. We re-imagined this and instead designed a pipe system that catered for the same amount of basin volume, then backfilled and placed the concrete on top. This reduced the construction cost by 50%

To meet the tight programme, the client’s demands were identified as high priority requirements. Items flagged as ‘urgent’ were all delivered within a day

All of this enabled the client to meet the project deadline and open the bay on time for their airline clients.

“I didn’t get a chance to say it today with all of the chaos trying to get things organised but thank you for addressing the tracking issue so quickly! It has helped the project along a lot and ensured we opened Bay 1A on time.”
Anthony Laface, Project Engineer, Sydney Airport Corporation


People: Erhan Eroksuz; Michael Thong; Assad Shuhaiber; Rod Wong
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Collaborators: Sydney Airport Corporation – Client
Services: Aviation Engineering; Civil, Electrical, Hydraulics & Structural

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