The University of Melbourne needed a data hall solution which rationalized their IT equipment while supporting research high performance and super computing requirements. Working very closely with the University we have created a sufficiently redundant high density facility that has enabled the client to save money and energy by virtue of its lower power consumption.

The designed solution creates the optimum racks’ layout and the most efficient cooling system and, in addition, is modular and scalable to meet the client’s future capacity requirements.

The specification of a rear-door heat exchanger with no moving parts, means it is less likely to fail.

The provision of Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) system, not commonly utilised for Australian facilities, provides critical, uninterrupted power to the Data Hall.

Through close collaboration with our partners/suppliers we have created bespoke elements, while at the same time enabling a very tight 4 month construction programme to be met.

“The new technologies you have introduced….have contributed to this world-class and reliable facility. Your attention to detail, unrelenting desire for quality design and clear and honest communication skills have also been recognised and appreciated.”
Peter Sack, Director – Infrastructure Support & Maintenance, The University of Melbourne

People: Hany Ghaly, Glen Pederick, Jay Singh
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Collaborators: The University of Melbourne – Client; FPPV – Architects
Services: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

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