Restrictions on greenfield sites are hardly surprising. But it is important to understand from the outset how environmental planning constraints and other development controls could affect your design, your programme and your budget.

We are currently engaged as the Lead Consultant for the design of a new greenfield service station in NSW, incorporating 6 motor spirit/diesel dispensers and 1 LPG dispenser plus 1 single hose diesel, 2 dual hose diesel and 2 dual hose AdBlue dispensers under two separate canopies, together with a 290m2 control building/shop. The major challenges on this project were the compliance with the local municipality’s strict water quality discharge requirements, a limited developable area within the site due to environmental planning constraints and an accelerated design program in parallel with the Development Approval process. The Council-preferred stormwater treatment system was changed midway through detailed design, requiring significant regrading of the site drainage plus the addition of a bio-retention basin. This resulted in the resubmission of all related drawings for Council approval, all in a short timeframe, while the balance of the documentation continued in design. We successfully implemented this change without impact on the project final delivery date.