Drawing on our extensive experience working at landfills, we are providing environmental monitoring and landfill gas reporting services for Hume City Council around their facility at Bolinda Road.

As gas concentrations are above EPA action levels, they require increased monitoring. As part of this we are assessing the risk to surrounding receptors and delineating the extent of landfill gas plume. Our monitoring is also being used to provide baseline concentrations and then assess the effectiveness of control measures being undertaken.

We are providing advice to the Council regarding monitoring frequency and assessing changes in landfill gas concentrations dependent on remediation actions and using this information to reduce the amount of monitoring required. We are also providing advocacy on behalf of Hume City Council to the EPA.

It is a role we have played many times before. By using lessons learned from other landfills, we have tailored the location and frequency of the monitoring services and reduced the amount of delineation activities required to save the client significant amounts of money.

This learning has extended into the technical reports we have created for the EPA and site auditor, which have seen our recommendations approved smoothly and quickly for the client.

“The Meinhardt team has always provided us with a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism on the projects and services undertaken.”
Alwyn Babb, City Waste Management Engineer | Hume City Council

People: Dr Santo Ragusa, David Corrigan, Daniel Caifano, David Quinn, Michael White, Megan Stanley, Steve Park
Location: Campbellfield, Victoria
Client: Hume City Council
Services: Environmental Services

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