Aquatic Centre projects have multi-stakeholder requirements to consider; a client who needs a cost-effective solution, a community which wants the highest quality facilities, an architect who has a vision that needs realising, and a contractor who needs to deliver to programme and on budget.

The extensive redevelopment of the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre, involved the demolition of the previous Aquatic Centre, bulk excavation works for new 50m and 20m pools, as well as construction activities associated with the new four-level recreational facility.

One of the innovative solutions we helped provide on this project was a structural design which allowed for the re-use of the existing pool shell as a basement level. This meant large amounts of plant equipment associated with the pools did not require additional new structure. This reduced costs for the client and made things easier for the builder.

Working in collaboration with the builder, and through the conducting of assessment reports, a driven pile solution was successfully implemented. There was the potential to cause significant vibrations and possible cracking in surrounding buildings but we clearly communicated the risks so the builder was fully aware of all eventualities before proceeding. The outcome was significant cost and time savings.

The entire project was modelled in BIM. Extensive collaboration and co-ordination early on with the architects set parameters, which allowed the project to be delivered to the highest possible standard. The large span roof was designed as an exposed steel structure. Modelling and rendering in BIM meant that both the architect and client were able to visualize exactly what it would look like to be underneath the roof and look up and ensure that their vision and expectations were met. BIM also assisted in clearly showing where the vast amount of mechanical ductwork was going to be positioned to ensure no clashes would occur in relation to the structure.

Finally, Fire Engineering Consultancy Services were also provided as an added value offering to reduce the costs associated with the BCA requirements for community facilities.

“On Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre we had the pleasure of teaming with Meinhardt. Meinhardt were wonderful to work with, putting in the extra effort when required and always coming up with solutions to the toughest problems for the benefit of the project. The ease of communication between dwp|suters and Meinhardt really helped push the collaborative process and in the end produced a great result.”
Kristen Neri, Project Architect, dwp|suters

People: Nathan Dickson, Bruce Weston, Denny Verghese, Rennie Darmanin
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Collaborators: City of Boroondara – Client; ADCO – Contractor; dwp|suters – Architects
Services: Structural, Civil & Fire Performance Engineering


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