The Maddingley Brown Coal (MBC) is an active mine site, which has been reinstated with a solid inert landfill under an EPA-license agreement.

This project is a complex site due to several challenges that need to be met simultaneously. This included ensuring a cost effective design solution, while at the same time complying with EPA Guidelines, for the construction of new cells adjacent to old cells with an alternative liner system. We also had to manage a tight construction program and an appropriate sequence of works within the constraints of a live environment with multiple operations occurring at any one time (waste operations, mining and construction).

The EPA has strict guidelines on when new cells can be constructed and when they need to be capped. We developed a program which allowed sufficient time between various cells, for the design, construct, operation and capping phases to be undertaken sequentially without hindering mining or project revenue.

We also provided advice based on cost benefit analysis which optimized the staging of works/airspace availability, in order to claim sufficient revenue, which will allow funding for future cells and capping works, so that there is no shortfall of cashflow during the life of the landfill.

Through 3D modeling and detailed design, we have been able to assist our client in resolving the extent/staging of works, provide advice with regards to material quantities required to complete project as well as confirm the available airspace volume remaining as landfill revenue, which has optimized both the cash flow and the construction program.

Given our construction experience as supervisors under the Geotechnical Inspection and Testing Authority (GITA) and the Third Party Construction Quality Assurance (TPCQA) scope of works, Meinhardt were able to promptly assist MBC with numerous project queries relating to planning, constructability, materials, testing and authority approvals, which has proven to save the client much time and ensure the job is only done once.

“Meinhardt have consistently provided MBC with practical solutions and advice on a range of technical engineering and construction projects. Their ability to prioritise MBC’s demands, and professionally engage with all project stakeholders, has been essential in delivering effective results.”
Tim Tillig, Environmental, Quality & Safety (EQS) Manager. MBC

People: Alaa Abou Antoun; Steve Park; Michael White
Location: Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
Collaborators: Client – MBC
Services: Civil Engineering & Landfill Design 

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