Vision Statement:

“Making Complex Retail Fuel Projects Simpler and Safer Through Supply Chain Collaboration, Research, Innovation & Continuous Improvement.”

What Is It?

The Meinhardt Centre of Excellence for Retail Fuel has been established by Meinhardt, the multi-disciplinary engineering and professional technical services firm. Meinhardt has deep expertise in the retail fuel sector.

Ultimately, the plan is for the Centre to have a global make-up and international influence. Initially it has been designed to specifically address the very particular market and geographic conditions, which exist in Australia.

Issues pertaining to supply chains, procurement practices, permit issuing and remote locations each provide their own unique challenges to the delivery of complex retail fuel projects in the safest, cost-effective and timely manner.

Through engagement and collaboration with the entire supply chain, the Meinhardt Centre of Excellence will identify potential areas of improvement and instigate research projects and knowledge sharing forums in order to deliver new ideas in the Retail Fuel space, which are realistic, practical and safe to implement and which deliver tangible benefits in terms of cost and time.

Key Aims:

  1. Reduce safety risks
  2. Reduce environmental impacts
  3. Capture industry knowledge
  4. Development of qualifications and training standards
  5. Improve procurement methodology
  6. Reduce costs
  7. Speed up construction
  8. Explore new technologies, construction techniques and approaches to delivery

Knowledge Areas

The Meinhardt Centre of Excellence for Retail Fuel will have a practical industry focus. It will focus its efforts in four ‘Knowledge Areas’:

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Technical qualifications and training
  3. Procurement
  4. Engineering Design

Who Is Involved?

The Meinhardt Centre of Excellence for Retail Fuel is to be led by Meinhardt from the very top and is endorsed by the Group Chairman, Dr Shahzad Nasim

Each Knowledge Area will be led by Meinhardt people and have a dedicated Knowledge Area Stream Coordinator who will drive the initiatives in their stream

The rest of the centre will be made up of selected, leading industry players from the procurement chain across the following key areas:

  1. Collaboration partners
  2. Suppliers
  3. Contractors and sub-contractors

How Does It Work?

Meinhardt has made a commitment to allocate personnel and help drive research, innovation, improvement and excellence via:

  • Monthly knowledge sharing sessions
  • Quarterly seminars
  • Record keeping of proceedings (minutes, publications)
  • Quarterly email updates and an Annual Publication
  • Annual presentations at Industry Conferences
  • Engaging with academia as appropriate
  • Engaging with petroleum companies and their industry bodies to exchange and complement ideas


DrShahzad Nasim

“Meinhardt and the retail fuel sector are both global. Therefore our commitment to the Centre of Excellence is also global. While the initial work will be done in Australia, it will be disseminated across the industry with the intention that the research and new ideas created ultimately benefit the industry not just locally but internationally.”
Dr Shahzad Nasim, Group Chairman

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