The shortage of skilled resources in terms of permit issuers is a challenge throughout Australia but particularly for remote, regional sites.

Major Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Retrofit Programme on 72 regional sites throughout Australia with an initial pilot programme of 20 sites.

Meinhardt was responsible for developing the design and installation specification, which included broaching (cutting a new port) into existing below-ground motor spirit and diesel tanks, and the processes and procedures including traffic management, disruption schedules, confirmation of scope checklists, commissioning and QA checklists and communications and reporting protocols.

Having delivered a similar 500-site programme for Shell, we were able to mobilise quickly and develop a bespoke set of project documents that covered Reliance’s requirements and could be utilised in the next phase of the programme.

A major challenge on this project was coordinating specialised works permits for each of the sites. Reliance operates under BP’s strict permit to work system. We have been the custodian of Shell Australia’s permit to work system for over seven years and we were able to bring this knowledge and expertise to the ATG Programme

During the programme implementation there was very high demand for permit issuers across the whole BP Reliance network. We worked closely with Reliance to restructure the programme to minimise the adverse impact of the limited resources.

We reprogrammed the works to remove the requirement for confined space permits and created a “milk run” in those regions with sufficient resources.